3 Keys to Hiring the Right Party Band for Your Charleston Wedding Reception


When planning your dream wedding reception in Charleston SC, there are some key insights to hiring the right vendors. Hiring the right live band is no different.

Here are 3 keys to hiring the right party band for your Charleston wedding reception:

  1. Contact the band early
  2. Ensure the band offers all the services you desire
  3. Get references from the band’s past clients


Contact the Band Early

The party band that you want to play at your reception is probably in demand and books way in advance. To ensure that you get the right band, you will want to contact them early. This will ensure that they are available.

There is not a worse feeling in the world than one you get when you contact the music group you desire to play at your reception and find out that they have just contracted with another client for the very same day you are getting married.

The first key to hiring the right party band is contact them early and secure their services before anyone else does.


Ensure the Band Offers All the Services You Desire

There are a lot of Charleston bands that perform at wedding receptions. These bands all perform live and have a list of popular songs that they are willing to play for you at your wedding celebration. However, your desires for the reception music might be a little more specific and involved than what the average band is willing to provide.

The right party band for your reception is not going to provide just some of the services you desire. They are going to provide all of the services that you desire. These services may include a band member to MC the event, special request songs, custom iPod play lists, live DJ services, karaoke station, photo booth, or a video/audio recording of the band’s performance as a keepsake. Some bands offer none of these. Some bands offer some of these, and a very few bands, like Super Deluxe, offer all of these music services.

The second key to hiring the right Charleston band is ensure that they offer all the services you desire.


Get References from the Band’s Past Clients

For your dream wedding reception, you want to hire the right people. For your big day, you want the best of the best. You want to ensure that your vendors have the necessary experience and the references to back it up.

Some bands will offer references upon request. Other groups have them posted directly on their website, and a very few groups actually have scanned images of hand-written testimonials included from past clients. Having a history of consistently satisfied clients is a must-have for the band that is going to play your dream reception.

The third key to hiring the right band is get references from their past clients.