7 Essential Remarks Clients Share About Charleston's Top Wedding Band

People talk.

Even if you try to stop them, you can’t.

People are going to talk.

And when they talk, you hope they say nice things... especially when they are paying for your music services for their special day.

We have the pleasure of being a part of some big celebrations in Charleston including corporate anniversary parties and high-end wedding receptions. Our goal every time we hit the stage is to “take the music to the people.” We are hired for our music services, and we want to make sure that our focus is on performing a great show for our clients and their guests.

It is a huge bonus when people speak favorably after our performances. It reassures us that we hit our goals and gave the crowd everything we got.

Over the last few years, we have been extremely fortunate to receive some glowing testimonials from our satiated clients (that means completely satisfied), and what has emerged from all these remarks is some common themes.

These themes fit (not so) neatly into seven categories. All of these quotations are culled from the personal notes that we have on our testimonial page, so feel free to double check my spelling and grammar ;)

These are the 7 essential remarks our clients share about Charleston's top wedding band.

1. Super Deluxe Plays for All Ages

"One of my favorite moments captured from the evening is seeing my grandparents out on the dance floor with huge smiles on their faces. To please everyone in a crowd seems like an impossibility, but I’d be lying if I said that Super Deluxe did anything but that."

"Y’all did an awesome job catering to the tastes of everyone at the reception – young & old!"

"I brought my five-year-old and my friend brought her three-year-old and we danced in the sand most of the night."

"They play all kinds of family friendly party songs…"

"Good clean music with a great covers!!"

"We had ages of all kinds out there and the dance floor was packed!"

"You did a wonderful job of keeping the party upbeat and enjoyable for everyone."

2. Super Deluxe Plays Special Requests

"My favorite thing about Super Deluxe is that they will learn a special piece of music just for you, and they did just that. Wilton and his band learned and performed “In A Sentimental Mood” played by John Coltrane and Duke Ellington. It was sentimental, touching, perfect!"

"We especially appreciate the band accommodating our special requests for learning and playing the father/daughter dance song and for allowing a guest soloist for the mother/son dance."

"...Super Deluxe even offered to learn a few new songs specifically for our reception which was awesome!"

"The crowd was very entertained (and entertaining) at times, and we appreciate you taking their request..."

"They take the time to learn special requests before the event."

"I literally got chills when I first heard the band warming up and starting to play one of our requests – a Talking Heads song."

3. Super Deluxe Is Easy to Work With

"...thank you for being so helpful during the planning stage of the wedding. It was much appreciated to have someone so easy to work with during a some times stressful time!"

"Due to your professional demeanor, your quality sound, your flexibility, and your desire to see the crowd happy, you are the type of band that I would desire to have at any event I am sponsoring or coordinating."

"Our guests raved about Super Deluxe, and the band could not have been a nicer group of guys to work with."

"Each member of the band was very professional and all of the announcements throughout the night were seamless."

"This reason this band is so great is because they are professional musicians and entertainers."

"It’s always nice to find a band that is easy to work with and talented."

"They always start the show on time; don’t dilly-dally between songs..."

"Thank you for accommodating our requests and being so pleasant to work with."

"From the very beginning working with you has been such a pleasure."

4. Super Deluxe's Song Selection Is Diverse

"Super Deluxe is an outstanding band that covers a wide variety of music and engages every kind of listener."

"The broad spectrum of sounds and songs, ranging from James Taylor to Parliament really kept things going."

"The band was wonderful, playing all our favorite dance numbers with expertise and energy."

"I received so many compliments on y’all & the awesome song selection you have!"

"The music was funky, soulful, fun..."

"My clients were so happy with the music at their wedding."

"The music was perfect!"

"With all the music they know, all of your guest will be entertained!"

"Soulful, entertaining music..."

"I received so many compliments on how much fun you were and the awesome song selection you had."

"The playlist was perfect for the evening, as we were all dancing the night away!"

"We had a blast dancing and singing along to our favorite songs all through the evening."

5. Super Deluxe Gets People Dancing

"Super Deluxe got our friends & family on their feet from the very start and they had EVERYONE dancing."

"I know Emily and Chuck... had a fabulous time dancing the night away to the great show you put on!"

"They really got our reception invitees going on the dance floor – exactly as we had hoped."

"They are all so talented and have such great energy that you just have to get up and dance!"

"The dance floor is always full and I am amazed every time I see them at how there is never anyone left out and everyone is having too much fun!"

"I thought surely with a seven hour reception, the guests would get tired and start to fade but you had them up dancing until the wee hours of the night!"

"You guys were great- so great I think I danced the entire night (my feet did not appreciate that)."

"Super Deluxe really knows how to get people on their feet & on the dance floor!"

"My fiance’s parents said that their friends were out on the floor dancing for the first time in 20 years!"

"Ya’ll got everyone off their feet at the start of the night and then kept them on the dance floor until the very end."

"We danced non-stop and loved every minute."

"Even after five hours we would have danced all night if we could have."

"Everyone at the reception had the best of times dancing and singing along with the band."

"The band got all of us dancing the night away."

"The dance floor was packed all night long!!"

6. Super Deluxe Puts on a Great Show

"To say that Super Deluxe exceeded our expectations on the day of our wedding would be a gross understatement."

"Super Deluxe performed at our wedding reception and I could not asked for a better performance !"

"Thank you for helping make Emily & Chuck’s wedding fun & memorable."

"Thank you so much for making our wedding perfect!"

"All our guests have done nothing but rave about how much fun they had and that y’all were by far the best band they’ve heard at a wedding!"

"This band has it all together, knows how to put on a  show and plays the music that keeps a party going."

"Super Deluxe put on a fabulous show..."

"You did a wonderful job of keeping the party upbeat and enjoyable for everyone."

"...the lead singer and sax player interact exceptionally well with the audience."

"They know how to ease into the night and gradually raise the energy and keep it up throughout the reception..."

"You can tell they love what they do and the crowd loves it even more!"

"...y’all really know how to entertain a crowd!"

"The fun that you have playing your music really energized the place."

"You set the tone for a great party..."

7. Super Deluxe Comes Highly Recommended

"If you want a high energy band for your wedding where everyone will be dancing,this is the band you want to book!"

"Super Deluxe was everything I had dreamed of and more!"

"If you are considering hiring Super Deluxe to play your reception or function, my recommendation is an enthusiastic & unqualified 'do it!'"

"A performance by Super Deluxe is sure to make any event truly spectacular."

"I still have friends coming up to me or getting in touch just to say how awesome Super Deluxe was and that they were the best party band they’ve ever heard!!"

"We will definitely be recommending Super Deluxe to everyone we know!"

"I highly recommend Super Deluxe to anyone desiring to have a rousing good time."

"I truly consider Super Deluxe one of the best Charleston has to offer."

"I will definitely recommend you other couples in the Charleston area."

"I would definitely recommend using Super Deluxe at your next event!"

"I wish I could give this amazing ensemble ten stars or more!"

"I would recommend them to anyone at any time for any type of party!"

"We will definitely be recommending Super Deluxe to our friends and hope to see and hear them again soon."

"This band is amazing."

"I truly look forward to working with Super Deluxe Live again soon!"

"I’d definitely recommend them for any party or reception."

"Super Deluxe is a group of such talent! Love ya’ll."

"Thank you Super Deluxe for the great entertainment and a night we will not forget!"

Since you are still deciding on the music for your wedding reception, ask yourself these few questions...

Wouldn't you prefer your wedding band play music that is appropriate for adults and your little nieces and nephews?

Wouldn't it be nice if the band that you hire for your reception on your wedding day would play a few new songs that you want to hear?

Is it too much to ask that your wedding band play a diverse, hand-selected group of songs?

How awesome would it be to hire a band that is flexible and easy to work with... both in the planning stages and at the actual event?

Do you want you and all your guests to be dancing the whole night?

Would you like to be entertained on your special day?

Do you want your wedding reception vendors to come highly recommended?

Is it too much to ask to have your cake and eat it too?

We think you should. It's your wedding!