When Hiring Charleston Wedding Bands, You Get What You Pay For


When hiring your live reception entertainment from among the Charleston wedding bands, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

This is a local twist on the famous Kurt Vonnegut quote from his book, Cat’s Cradle,

In this world, you get what you pay for.

A variation of this idea is the statement by British-French financier, James Goldsmith,

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

This second quote is a bit more relevant to hiring a live party band for your Charleston wedding reception.

As you may well know, there are strikingly different kinds of bands and talent levels available in the Charleston market. In addition to the kind of band, you have to decide what caliber band you want. Here you have everyone from weekend amateurs to world class musicians... and all stripes in between.

All the bands you have looked at can play the songs you want to hear at your reception. That is not the question. Almost anyone with a little music education can play pop music.

The real question... the question you should really be asking yourself is...

Which band is going to create an unbelievable party experience on your wedding day that will translate into memories of a lifetime?

When you begin to think along these lines, your list of options gets a lot shorter.

Sure your fiance wants his cousin’s band to play your reception... well, because he’s his cousin and... they are probably willing to play for next to nothing.

But do you really want a band to play your reception that is willing to play for peanuts? Are they really going to be able to create an incredible party experience for you and your guests? Will that translate into a night you’ll never forget?

Ultimately the experience that you and your guests will have won’t come close to the experience you will have when you hire a group of professionals that know how to put on a real music show. The difference is night and day.

Those memories... that experience... is ultimately the benefit you will enjoy when you hire a band like Super Deluxe.

As Warren Buffett said,

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

The value of hiring Super Deluxe is an unmatched party experience and a wedding celebration you will never forget!